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Custom Kitchens

This is What We Do... Amazing Kitchens to Warm Your Heart

WoodZone has a specialty, and that specialty is premier custom kitchens. We design, build and finish custom kitchens with the greatest attention to detail. A great deal of pride is taken in our long-standing reputation for high standards, unique design and fine quality craftsmanship.

The value of a custom kitchen can be appreciated in how effortlessly a meal comes together, how easy it is to find your utensils in an instant, how easy it is to clean up after a meal and how wonderful it serves as a space for entertaining guests and family. After all, the kitchen is where the heart is.

From new breakfast rooms to small cabinetry to full-on custom kitchens, our designs wil take full advantage of the space we have to work with. Let us show you how top quality finishes and the latest in functional design techniques can make a difference in your culinary experience.

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